This Star Has no Stars
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I love the little star in this pic which I guess is hiding her pubes because she’s already hiding her pussy with her hand. It reminds me of the nudie mags we had in my country when I was a young boy, hardly even a teenager yet.

Back then censorship in my country dictated that getials be covered up and they used starts like this. The only true star in this pic and more importantly of this site though is Kari, of course, since the site is most certainly not censored and Kari isn’t covering anything up either.

She is a gorgeous petite teen with a stunning smile and is more than confident enough to flaunt everything else she has to.

Like my girlfriend says; if she was that age again she might do exactly the same since nature is still so kind to you then. Firm ass, firm tittes, no wrinkles. She agrees that you should flaunt it while you can because it just doesn’t last.

You can save up to 85% with a Kari Sweets discount and see her in her teeny prime.

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Time to go down an old road and visit some nonnude teens
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Is it nude or nonnude? I guess that depends on whether or not you go to church on Sundays. In Europe this girl would be the norm. Here in (prudish) America she is naked. Funny how a book written thousands of years ago can change things?

If you like nonnude teens the Rhinos has tons of them. He was mostly active from 2005 to 2010 and he cataloged a lot of nonnude solo girls sites. Many are not in the nonnude category. Perhaps he created it after he started so only some of them are in it? But the main point is that the site is loaded with them. Also, he is the master of finding girls who look too young, but are barely legal so no worries on the FBI showing up at your door.

Another site to mention is Total Super Cuties. It is a blog with a massive archive of content that is sorted by the model names from the site. There is also a lot of discount porn offers you can find there.

If it is hot babes you want, we they have you covered!

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