Ariel Rebel Sucking On A Lollipop POV Video
Posted By admin on 11/25/12 - Bookmark Free Ariel Rebel Videos

Boy the air is thick with double entendre today. In particular I am referring to the lollipop. The thing little Ariel Rebel is sucking on in the video. It can also refer to the fact that Ariel looks like a loli in the video. Her boobs are just barely growing in and her face looks so young and cute. Watching her tongue roll around that pop makes my balls want to burst thick squirts of cum down her throat. has the full video so you don’t have to put up with lots of cuts and edits. The full video also has Ariel playing with that lollipop down below. Her pussy was already sweet enough to eat. After the video is done it is very red and very slippery.

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