Ariel Rebel Wallpapers

Here are three sample wallpapers for you to enjoy, with all of them located on Ariel Rebel's website. If you want to use one of them, please click on the corresponding image below and it will open up the full size image, in which you can save to your computer and add to your desktop, iPod or PSP as its new wallpaper!

Ariel Rebel Wallpaper - Desktop

Ariel Rebel Desktop Wallpaper

Ariel Rebel Wallpaper - PSP

Ariel Rebel PSP Wallpaper

Ariel Rebel Wallpaper - iPod

Ariel Rebel iPod Wallpaper

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This amazingly hot model is not letting it get to her head though. She keeps things down to earth with her fans, as she talks about her life, her favorite foods, and her favorite movies. She even is planning on opening her own adult affiliate program in the future so that other girls like her can find the best way that they can break into their own niche. Don't let the cute face fool you, this sultry and sexy model has her future in mind, and she is willing to share her future, and her body with all of her fans.